Approved Workshop Scheme

Touring caravans and motorhomes need regular servicing. They are roadgoing leisure vehicles and in addition have gas and electrical appliances that need to be checked regularly to ensure their safe operation. So, your touring caravan or motorhome needs regular servicing, even if it stands next to your house for most of the year. Also, the manufacturer's warranty will require servicing to be done at regular intervals.

For your own peace of mind, your family, other caravanners and road users, always use an Approved Workshop. The NCC (National Caravan Council), the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club formed the Approved Workshop Scheme in 1998, setting the benchmark for caravan and motorhome servicing.

Why choose Cotswold Edge Leisure Vehicles?

Cotswold Edge Leisure Vehicles are proud to be a member of the Approved Workshop Scheme and are able to undertake servicing work for all UK branded Leisure Vehicles.